GR Project record 001 (Cyclades region)
GR-001 is a sustainable agro-tourism project. We host volunteers interested in becoming an integral part of what we offer at our nine room guesthouse. Outdoor jobs (pruning, planting, weeding, gather acorn etc) are usually from October to March. Our housekeeping position is available year round and is open to couples over 21 years old. Housekeepers help with jam & marmalade making and gardening although their main responsibility is cleaning and laundry.

GR Project record 002 ( Evia region)

GR-002 Is a small family that runs a retreat centre. We offer long and short retreats in mainly Thai massage, as well as yoga, chi gong, nutrition, meditation and other holistic therapies and spiritual practices. We have eucalyptus, orange, almond, mulberry, fig, peach, plum and apricot trees. We have 2 children, a dog, some cats, trampolines and a kids playground.

GR Project record 003 (Ionian Sea region)

GR-003 is a farm whose work is motivated by holistic principles: the animals (donkey & chickens), vegetables and fruits (water melons, strawberries, aubergines, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, etc) and herbs (mint, origan, rosemarine, lavender etc) we care for, do form a harmonic circle, and we are part of it. We are also preserve & share traditional crops. We make sweets, olive oil, wine liquor, medicines from herbs. Our philosophy is: culture of soil is culture of soul!

GR Project record 004 (Ionian Sea region)

GR-004 is a 70.000 sq. m. farm where we grow organic wheat and vegetables; we are bee keepers and we run a tourist accommodation (farm house). We have 2 donkeys, 3 Appaloosa horses, few sheep & goats & chickens. We are energy sufficient. The farm is by the sea and we do para gliding, paramotoring, mountain biking and horse back riding. Our volunteers stay in a caravan. We need them to take care of the land and animals. Volunteers with very good skills in riding, training and taking care of horses will be able to help us with them.

GR Project record 007 (Magnisia region)

GR-007 Is a small farm. We live since 3 years now in our stone house in a big plot, 12.000m2. We have planted a big variety of trees and we have a garden which feed us all the year. We have for the moment 2 hens (2011) but soon we will have some more. We also have dogs and cats and 2 sheeps who help us with eating grass! We love nature and we enjoy the beauty of our farm who needs a lot of work, that’s why we are happy to get some help from time to time.

GR Project record 008 (Nafpaktos region)

West Greece

Gr-008 is a farm about 1 km from the farmer’s home and the main works are about olive trees – harvesting them to produce olive oil and all the extra works for it – at the end of October is starting until the first days of December (depends of the weather). About works in this place, generally: cleaning and composting useless cut branches of olive trees, preparation of olive trees and fields for the next season’s production, cleaning and reconstruction of the storehouse, fencing the fields, planting seasonal vegetables, painting, cooking pickled vegetables, making soap from olive oil, composting, taking care of the animals (chickens for eggs and meat – about 50 each time, goats (ulokeros, a goat that exists in Greece from 50 century b.c.), cats and dog.

GR Project record 012a (Cyclades region)

South Aegean

GR-012a is a midway through building centre for creative arts study and retreat on Aegean Island. Help needed on five acre farm land according to principles of dry land reclamation. Establishing and maintaining; water harvesting systems, windbreaks, composting, organic gardens. Our building is essentialy an arts project and we especially value people who are good with their hands and are interested in learning and developing techniques and creative approach in such fields as woodwork, stone laying, tiling, decorative concrete, painting and furniture restoration. We try as far as possible to provide tasks that are suitable for a person and our work ethics are that work should not extend into monotony and should be informative and fun. In consequence WWoofers should be prepared to be more than normally awake and able to follow instructions. A focused and energetic wwoofer can learn a great deal in a short time.

GR Project record 016 (Aegean’s sea island)

Central Greece

GR-016 is a conservation, education and welfare project for a rare breed of pony and also are developing a small organic garden. We run the farm as ecologically and with renewable energy sources as much is possible. We really prefer volunteers to have some experience of working with horses and ponies. We need help for the organic garden and with the ponies, mucking out, feeding, fencing, training, handling them etc. We also have three dogs, lots of cats and some chickens. We would prefer if volunteers were available for a month at least.